Feb 28 2017

Video: Going for a Ride in Tucker’48 #1044

Dee Oreiro has documented one of the first rides in the Tucker '48 #1044 at its new home in Roslyn, New York.


Howard Kroplick

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Mar 05 2017 JeRita 1:19 PM

Good luck Howard can’t wait to see it LIVE JeRita

Mar 05 2017 Paul DiNatale 2:07 PM

wow what a car ,i wish i could buy one if it was available,but probably could not afford it!

Mar 05 2017 Mike Cook 2:46 PM

Nice video - should get one from inside the car.
Back in 1949, I had persuaded my father that he needed to buy a “bathtub” Nash. He actually went along with it and on a warm spring day we were doing a deal at Babe Reising’s Nash dealership on Reading Rd. in Cincinnati. Across the road I saw a Tucker sign on a showroom and zipped over there. Sure enough, there was a new Tucker in the showroom, in that Root Beer Brown color. Though the showroom was wide open, there was nobody around, no literature or anything but a few bare desks and chairs. Being fifteen, I didn’t hang around and had no camera so the incident is “memory only.” I often wonder where that Tucker ended up.

Mar 06 2017 Ken Wiebke 8:46 AM

Thanks for posting and good luck with the Tucker. 
Look forward to more videos e.g. how it would perform on say the Northern or Ocean parkways on some early Spring Saturday mprning.

Mar 06 2017 L.M.K. 10:01 AM

Exciting .....

Mar 11 2017 Tom 2:06 PM

How many people can say I cruise in a Tucker!  Enjoy, Howard!

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