Tag: William K. Vanderbilt Jr.'s Boats And Yachts.

  • Jan 07 2015

    Willie K.‘s “Hard Boiled Egg” Auto Boat

    In 1904, William K. Vanderbilt Jr. had a passion for racing on both land and on water. He quickly adopted the sport of auto boat racing- which combined traditional motor boats with automobile technology.

  • Jul 24 2013

    One of Yachting’s Dozen: William K. Vanderbilt Jr.‘s Alva

    In 2011, the editors of Yachting magazine selected 12 "yachts that we love" including Willie K's yacht which he used for expeditions from 1931 to 1935.

  • Oct 20 2008

    “Over the Seven Seas”: A Film Starring William K. Vanderbilt II

    William K. Vanderbilt II (Jr.), his wife Rosamund, his friends Mr. and Mrs. Earle Smith and crew set on a world cruise in 1931 aboard his beautiful 265-foot yacht Alva. They departed Long Island and traveled through the Panama Canal to the Galapagos Islands, the Society Islands, Samoa, Australia, Java, Bora