Thursday, Apr 05 2018

Presentation:Author Constance A. Smith “Damsels in Design Women Pioneers in the Automotive Industry”

Come Get the Inside Secrets of Car Design!  All You Want to Know About Car Interiors But Were Afraid to Ask!

Clear your schedule for the upcoming meeting of the AACA GNYR;  you won’t want to miss this!  In fact, bring your friends.  Bring your family.  Bring prospective members. 

The presentation will have something in it for everyone.

What is it about the meeting that will appeal to all interested in vintage cars?  We have noticed in our careers that as technology changes, the business changes.  We change.  Our skill set keeps growing to keep up with the times.  Today you will find our presenter, Constance A. Smith, working for Cox working for Cox Automotive, a company which makes software for all aspects of car dealership across America.  Among other parts of its business, Cox owns Kelley’s Blue Book, and Mannheim Auto dealerships all over the country.  Its AutoTrader component was among the first dealerships to buy cars across the country.

If this personal evolution sounds like yours, and it probably does, your will identify with our presenter, who prefers to be called Connie.  Connie got her Master’s degree in industrial design and was privileged to learn from some of the masters of car designs, with special emphasis on automobile interiors, in particular for GM cars.  Connie met many outstanding women designers and followed in their footsteps by designing cars for GM.  She has now written a book, just published, “Damsels in Design; Women Pioneers in the Automotive Industry – 1939-1959” about women who were innovators in the automotive industry, not only from the standpoint of the artistic design of vehicle interiors and exteriors, but also in incorporation of safety devices and accessories.

Connie’s passion for unique car designs carries over into her leisure time.   You will find her at the Garden City Easter Parade, the GNYR show at Old Westbury, and, in years past, at the Orphan Show held at Marjorie Post Park in Massapequa.  It was there that Connie met another GM designer, Roy Jaffe, who was showing his beloved Studebaker Avanti.  It will be parked at the meeting on Thursday.

If you arrive early you will get a chance to see the Avanti, brought there by Roy’s daughter, GNYR member Meredith Jaffe.  Roy and Meredith kept in touch with Connie.  It is to Meredith that we owe our thanks for asking Connie to share her love of cars and auto design with us.

Also expected to be at the meeting will be Barry Benjamin with his 1947 Hudson truck.  Many of the components of that truck were designed by women.  You can see a picture of the truck in Connie’s book.
So arrive early to see these vehicles.  You won’t be the only one arriving early – ABC News will be at the meeting also, taking video of Connie’s presentation to us in preparation for an upcoming broadcast on “Good Morning America” hosted by Robin Roberts.

See you on Thursday.  Be sure to arrive early, so you can see the vehicles in as special show car crib in the South lot of the American Legion Hall at 730 Willis Avenue, Williston Park, NY 11930.  Meeting will start promptly at 8 pm.   

Location: American Legion Hall

Address: 730 Willis Avenue, Williston Park, NY 11930